Prototype Sound Sculpture

Metal work forays this week, i’m getting to grips with the equipment and processes of bending, cutting, welding and working towards developing a series of sound sculptures.  Steel on this scale is quite resonant, the 3mm metal rods descending through the sound whole activate the sphere. Next stage is to start to mic these up with contact microphones and begin recording and think about methods of suspension.


Death of a Piano

1 The piano parts were salvaged from a local arts centre who were throwing away this old piano. With instructions to break it up and put it into the skip, the piano was thrown down the stairs. I recorded the sound of this act and thought of all the hundreds of people who would have played this instrument and the different tunes and memories embeddded within its components. Continue reading “Death of a Piano”

Glitching the Whitworth

Glitch art was key to the social media campaign in the build up to the Whitworth reopening. Using archive imagery of the gallery and the artworks themselves, I have been experimenting with different approaches to glitching imagery, from online apps to playing around with code. Here is one of the videos we used that included pictures of young people on an outreach photography day in Manchester, pieces from the textile collection and Whitworth park.

Z Sound wave Sculpture

Soundwave Alphabet jpgI created a soundwave Alphabet by recording my own voice speaking each letter of the alphabet and then recreating the wave fragments to form 3D individual soundwave sculptures . The pictures below are of the letter Z. I then started to think about  the sound of the sculpture so I used Audiopaint to convert the visuals back into sound to realise the new sonic shape and complete the circle.