Noise Machines that translate light into sound |

SWARM: Play the light of the city
Journey through the Mirror pool, National Media Museum
CACTUS Noise Machine
Play the Collections, National Science & Media Museum

Noise Orchestra is a DIY electronics project from Vicky Clarke and David Birchall. Noise Orchestra began in 2015 building noise machines that translate light into sound, as ‘Light Fantastic’ UNESCO artists in residence at the National Science & Media Museum with their project Play the Collections working with lofi tech, light theremins and paper graphical scores. Since then we’ve been developing self built electronic instruments through residencies at STEIM, QO2, Pervasive Media Studios and have performed/exhibited at Rome Media Art Festival, the V&A, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, CTM Festival and the National Media Museum to name a few. Based at Rogue Studios in Manchester, our work includes sound and noise walks (SWARM Play the light of the city), self built instruments (CACTUS, CARNAGE, ANU), educational workshops in electronics and graphical sound and installation and performance work. Most recently in 2020 we have been developing ANU_ Autonomous Noise Unit support musicians to play together online. Visit the Noise Orchestra website to find out more.