Artist CV


Secret Technology: SONAMB Electronic music artist talk and demo. Brighter Sound/ Resident Advisor

SLEEPSTATES: debut album release by SONAMB

IN PROCESS: Repeater Radio, Oram Award special. SLEEPSTATES behind the scenes

Manchester Science Festival: Neural sculptures installation. AURA#1 Neon and AURA#2 Steel

Circular Sferics, Artist in Residence: East St Arts/Convention House, exploring environmental sensing technologies

DREAMING WITH MACHINES: Educational project for women and marginalised genders around accessible tools for sonic AI. Brighter Sound, with showcase at Unsupervised#2, NOVARS and RNCM

AURA MACHINE Research Website: launch of site featuring outputs from machine learning & musique concrete residency with NOVARS. Supported by Arts Council England and European Arts Science Technology Network for Digital Creativity.


IKLECTIC art lab, Live solo performance, London

AURA MACHINE: Sonic AI live show, Science & Industry Museum, Manchester. Collaboration with Sean Clarke, part of Future of Sound LATES for Use Hearing Protection, Factory Records exhibition.

Artefacts of Clay and Information: International AV Collaboration with Joaquina S. Prototype presentation and talk, MUTEK Montreal, part of AMPLIFY Digital Artist Initiative

AURA MACHINE: Sonic AI AV piece online Future Music 3, Royal Northern College of Music. What happens to the sound object when processed by a neural network? Can a machine produce an AURA?

Artist in Residence, NOVARS, University of Manchester. Machine Learning & Musique Concrete, part of EASTnDC- European Art Science Technology network for Digital Creativity 2020-2021


ORAM AWARD WINNER 2020: PRS Foundation & New BBC Radiophonic Workshop

Sleepstates artist talk: inSonic Festival, ZKM, Karlsruhe

SleepStates part 1 AV work: Amplify Online festival at Somerset House Studios, London

ANU_ Autonomous Noise Unit: Hardware/Website for ‘Playing Music Online Together’, Noise Orchestra R&D Innovate UK

Exquisite Corpse: Collaborative audio piece, 15 Manchester producers, Radiophrenia, Glasgow

SleepStates part 1 AV work: Distant Arcades Virtual Exhibition, MUTEK Montreal

AMPLIFY Digital Artist Initiative: Selected UK artist for year long development programme from British Council, MUTEK and Somerset House Studios.

‘Connecting through sonic materialities’: Artist talk, Creative Explorations conference, EU, British Council

Introduction to AI and Neural Networks: University of Karlsruhe course, KIM: Critical AI Studies led by Prof Matteo Pasquinelli

#WEAREEQUALS MUTEK Barcelona. Live performance, Panel talk with British Council, Brighter Sound, Bridge 48

Live Performance with Symphocat: Museum of Non Conformist Art, St Petersburg

Selected Artist: British Council’s ‘UK-RUSSIA Year of Music’: AURA MACHINE: Machine Learning & Music. Creative research trip to Moscow & St Petersburg


‘MIF Originals’ Sound design. Manchester International Festival. Sound tracked podcast series including artist Philip Glass

‘Yemen: Say Hello to Connect’: Voice interactive generative art installation, commissioned by Future Everything & Imperial War Museum North. Travelling digital artwork

BBC New Creatives, Sound Art Mentor. Naked Productions

‘Presence at a distance.’ Live radio art performance: will Hugo Esquinca. Sounds About Gallery, Berlin

‘Artists International Development Fund’ Creative research trip Berlin focusing on live audio-visual, music technology and art & science scenes, funded by ACE and British Council


‘MATERIALITY: Exploring sound sculpture to interface the physical and digital in music making’ R+D project funded by Arts Council England in partnership with Brighter Sound. Investigated properties of materials – metal/glass/graphene to develop resonant & conductive sculptures and interfaces to perform live electronic music. Research at National Graphene Institute, London Sculpture Workshop, National Glass Centre, performed with Graphene Interface at Music Tech Fest, Stockholm.

‘Making Waves: The Hexagon Experiment’: One of four selected electronic Mancunian women to deliver music residency for young women at The Sage, Gateshead, part of Great Exhibition of the North. Live performance/panel talk.

‘SWARM in Rome’ Installation, Rome Media Art Festival, MAXXI .Portable Noise Machine/Turntable installation, 6 bespoke graphic scores & noise drone machines. Noise Orchestra

‘Edit 02’ exhibition, The Lowry. >Thread {} Collective. Generative textile exhibition. Socially engaged project with young people creating bio-quilt, print, sound, glitch art, animation from their bio-data.

Pervasive Media Studios, Artist in Residence: Noise Orchestra, Developing portable Noise Machines for soundwalks to play the light in cities, focusing on soundwalk design & user experience. Part of ENLIGHT (European Light Expression Network-touring to SPECTRA Aberdeen, Rome Media Art Festival, Article Biennale, Norway)

Fondazione Mondo Digitale Artist in Residence: Rome. Noise Orchestra, Developing portable Noise Machines for ENLIGHT commission. 3D speaker fabrication and interface focus.


Disruption Young Composers Commission: project managing and mentoring the Brighter Sound young composers, exploring the systems we use to make music and how technologies can disrupt these.

Push: Music Artist Residency for emerging electronic musicians. Led by Modul Projects the project brought 6 musicians together to develop collaborative, improvisation & live performance with a final show at Texture and a Reform Radio recording.

>Thread {}. Manchester International Festival and Islington Mill commission. Developing code inspired printed textiles from bio data. In response to ‘What is the City but the People’ opening MIF event.  Collaboration with Sally Gilford and Cheryl O’Meara

Journey through the Mirror Pool. Multi channel sound installation for National Science and Media Museum, part of ‘Super Senses’. Noise Orchestra commission

Waves around Edges. Live performance/composition/sound sculpture. for ‘Breaking the Sound Barrier’ responding to the Delia Derbyshire Archive at John Rylands Library for Manchester After Hours. Solo commission

Noise Orchestra Live Demo. Culmination of Innovate UK funded project developing Noise Machines that translate light into sound. Handmade electronics. Noise Orchestra. Performance at Texture Manchester.

‘Emotional Invention’, Music Makers Hacklab. CTM Festival, Berlin, Performance at Hau2. Human and the machine.


Artist Residency at STEIM, Amsterdam. Noise Orchestra, Developing light sensor possibilities for Noise Machines.

Might and Main. Artist Residency at The Penthouse, Manchester. Electronic sound sculptures, sonic architecture.

Noise Machines: Translate Light into Sound Feasibility study investigating the creative potential for electronic musicians to incorporate light and gesture in performance. Innovate UK funded.

Artist Residency at Q-02, Brussels.Noise Orchestra, Exploring random controlled light relays and electronic performance.

Shed Installation, Noise Orchestra, interactive Noise Machine environment,  WARP Festival, The Whitworth

WARP Festival: As project manager and lead artist for the Whitworth Young Contemporaries, I co-curated this cross-artform youth festival with the young people. Part of Circuit: a Tate led network of young curators groups in UK galleries.

Transit Zone Pavillion Public sound installation ‘White Noise Surveillance’ interactive theremin hacked security camera sculpture at Kreuzberg U-bahn

Trilogies Live. Live performance, sound sculpture. Part of ‘Call and Response’, Centre for Contemporary Chinese Art and HOME. Live Kung Fu score

Arts + Tech Creative Accelerator, Noise Orchestra, Madlab Manchester. 4 month project developing Noise Machine electronics and sculptures. Funded by Innovate UK and Arts Council England.

Greater Manchester Sound Archive Commission, Manchester Central Library. Archives, found sounds live audio collage.

We Are One,Noise Orchestra, The Whitworth Art Gallery. Noise and graphical sound installation

Prototype Graphical Sound installation, Noise Orchestra, A-BOUND Festival, Islington Mill


‘Play the Collections’, Noise Orchestra, Artist residency (part of UNESCO Year of Light), Live light and sound performance, electronics development, Moscow research trip. National Media Museum