100 bpm Train Waltz. sound installation


100bpm Train Waltz is an interactive sound installation that explores notions of tempo and the idea of falling in and out of time. Using metronomes as a starting point I started to experiment with both digital and traditional wind up examples. I became fascinated by the frenetic counting and counter rhythms and the sonic effects when played to classical music so I set about to make a metronome orchestra!


DSC_0023Metronomes have had a lot of stick over the years from classical purists to musicians who say that metronomes cramp feel and swing. This may be true but I wanted to use the metronome as an instrument in its own right setting them against ‘End of Steam’ a BBC LP about the demise of the railways.

This piece was exhibited at Staff Room 3 exhibition at Z-arts in March 2013. DSC_0022

2013-03-28 02.58.28DSC_0024


“Vicky Clarke’s piece ‘100bpm Train Waltz’ at Staff Room 3 is a multi-sound installation piece made up of sound machines from metronomes to recordplayers.  ‘100bpm Train Waltz’ is a walk around piece which has a sculptural quailty to it.  At first appearing unfocused and uncalculated, it becomes clear quite quickly that ‘100bpm Train Waltz’ is a very well thought out piece which is intended to evoke feelings on every end of the spectrum.  The audience’s sound experience changes dependent on proximity and location to the piece and on this basis ones perception of ‘100bpm Train Waltz’ is altered consistently.  A very clever sound sculpture.”

Stephen Kelly, Deputy Director, Chinese Art Centre

“The exhibition had fantastic breadth and diversity, without being too eclectic, what a fantastic opportunity to see the practices of the staff at Z-arts. I particularly enjoyed your sound piece, the blend of physical assemblage, sound and moving image is right up my street! A really thought provoking show and one which has been very timely for us, thank you!”

Jenny Walker. Lecturer in Three Dimensional Design at Manchester School of Art

“Vicky, I didnt know that you did installation stuff, I must say I loved your piece, i thought it was probably the strongest art work there. Great very interesting.”
Andy Fear, Artist and Sculpture tutor for Manchester Adult Education Service

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