Happiness Exhibition Nexus

One of my Sound Picture series was exhibited as part of the ‘Happiness’ exhibition at Nexus Art Cafe in July.

nexusThe piece is called ‘Busker’ and depicts a father and daughter busking up in the hills of Dharamsala, Northern India. The accompanying sound piece is a recording of the father beautifully playing the saranghi, a haunting and mesmerising sound, his daughter collects the coins of passing appreciation. For me this piece signifies happiness, that of the natural surroundings, the relationship and expressions of the father and daughter and the sound of the haunting music.

Artist Statement

“I am interested in using sounds to transport the viewer/audience to a different moment.
I am interested to see if a moment can be re-created or re-experienced.
I am interested to see if sound is the best medium in which to evoke a feeling once felt.
Do you feel happy?”

DSCF1298Nexus Arts Cafe is an arts hub in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, host to a variety of community arts projects, workshops and exhibitions.

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