Noise Orchestra Paper Sound

We have been working at Webster primary school for part two of Noise Orchestra. This time we are concentrating on electronics and making circuits to produce sound using light theremins and paper cylindrical stencils. Using turntables and bike lights we are able to spin hand cut stencils and shapes and shine a light directly through the paper shapes onto the photocell. The changes in light recieved on the photocell send a message to the oscillator on the circuit board chip which in turn sends out a corresponding electronic noise. Therefore we can listen to the sounds of different shapes!  Have a listen here…

These experiments were inspired by the Russian Sound Artists Avraamov, Voinov and Sholpo who pioneered the techniques of graphical sound in the 1920’s using both drawn sound and paper cut outs. paper2arsenysholposholpo2

DSC_0070 DSC_0171

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