Trilogies LIVE: Call and Response CFCCA


13398890_986968128077979_1507105980_n(1)As part of the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art’s (CFCCA) ongoing Call and Response series of sound art events, CFCCA and HOME staged a one-off single-screen version of susan pui san lok’s multi-channel Trilogies installation, called Trilogies LIVETrilogies draws on fan uploads of various TV adaptations of martial arts epic novel series, The Condor Trilogy.  I was commissioned to devise a live sound performance to accompany a 15 minute montage from ‘The Legend of the Condor’. The piece was performed at HOME and included live contact mic and sword/bow set up, martial art samples/loops and reworkings and compositions from the archive kung fu material.

Call & Response Film CFCCA

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