Sonic Futures Documentary

My work was featured in new SONIC FUTURES: HOW TECHNOLOGY IS GUIDING MUSIC documentary from FACTmag and British Council Music.

Images and information about the documentary

The British Council and FACT have released a new mini-documentary about British technological innovation in electronic music that explores how contemporary UK artists are looking to the past, present and future to create new sounds and utopian spaces.
Sonic Futures: How Technology is Guiding Electronic Music speaks to several British artists at the cutting edge of composition, coding, engineering and performance: sound artist and DIY musical interface builder Vicky Clarke; producer Lee Gamble; composer and hacker Venus Ex Machina; interdisciplinary artist and Algorave musician Lizzie Wilson aka digital selves; and queer club collective Tremors.
The film explores how contemporary UK artists are using machines and code to facilitate new forms of collaboration, whether musicians should be afraid of machine learning and artificial intelligence’s movement into composition, and how music technology has the power to liberate individuals and bring marginalised communities together.

“In terms of the British history of electronic music we’re a nation of hobbyists and tinkerers and we like to build and make things,” says Manchester-based sound artist Clarke, whose DIY physical interfaces for controlling digital sound are part of a dialogue with the UK’s electronic music history spanning back to the foundation of the pioneering BBC Radiophonic Workshop in 1958.

Produced by FACT in association with the British Council
Directed by Anoushka Seigler
Edited by Kamil Dymek
Shot by Pawel Ptak and Pedro Kuster
AI: More Than Human footage courtesy of Barbican
Archive footage courtesy of BBC
Program advisors – Claire Lobenfeld and John Twells


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