As part of AmplifyDAI we were invited to present our work within the context of MUTEK Montreal’s Hybrid online exhibition. My sound piece SleepStates featured within Distant Arcades, the festival’s virtual exhibition.

About the piece

SleepStates is a sound work exploring machine addiction, sleep territories and sonic algorithmic control. Utilising sound sculpture, DIY electronics, broken radio transmissions and an AI trained on lucid dreams, self help slumber fragments and cyber-socialist manifestos.The piece is part of my ongoing SLEEP_STATESDOTNET project, a browser based artwork where the user sleepwalks between different states or audiovisual moments of anxiety, inertia and online perpetuity. I collaborated with digital artist Izzy Bolt who created the video piece working with TouchDesigner.

About Distant Arcades

Distant Arcades is interested in how artists are convening and creating using distance and technology. It features sound works, videos, 360s, and virtual-reality, echoing the tools and concepts discussed during MUTEK Forum: technology and the city, algorithmic bias, collection of personal data, technological racism, and the links between technology, machines and human emotions.”

Turn it Up

In TURN IT UP, we presented our work online to MUTEK audiences, these artist talks were a chance to connect with Mutek’s global community of artists, technologists and curators.

This opportunity was part of AmplifyDAI the digital artist development programme I am on 2020-2021 support women in UK, Argentina and Canada. Great to join the MUTEK community and looking forward to future collaborations.

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