Noise Orchestra National Media Museum Residency

Facebook PicNoise Orchestra is a collective led by myself, Vicky Clarke and David Birchall. We use electronics, lights and turntables to turn images and objects into sounds. We are artists in residence at the National Media Museum with our project ‘Play The Collections’. I’ll be updating the blog with our findings and experiments, here is our Gallery interpretation video Continue reading “Noise Orchestra National Media Museum Residency”

Echo Trace

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 22.18.47Playing synthesizers and providing visuals in Central Library at the final performance of the ECHOTRACE project. Really proud to have been a part of this project, working with the Owl Project at Withington library animating the spaces with noises. You can see my visuals ‘fragments rewind’ and a show reel of other arty imagery behind the performers.

Transmission Forms

shapes60Using my sketchbook to document forms and shapes on my recent research trips to the National Media Museum and the Communications Gallery at MOSI has become a means to generate sculpural ideas in metal. The forms on this piece are all taken from objects to do with transmission and broadcasting which I made into paper stencils so I could rearrange and test out the interplay of the shapes and how they might balance. I’m also thinking of these in sheet metal and how these would sound on impact.

Sonochromatic Databending

gogo3echo1Transposing musical notes to colours using Harbissions Sonochromatic scale was the starting point for this databending process. The imagery is made in response to ‘Hopopono’ by Manchester band GoGo Penguin and started as fragments of painted paper (transposed B flat notes to colours) before being manipulated in photoshop and databended through Audacity where I applied various sonic filters and exported the image files. Continue reading “Sonochromatic Databending”

Death of a Piano

1 The piano parts were salvaged from a local arts centre who were throwing away this old piano. With instructions to break it up and put it into the skip, the piano was thrown down the stairs. I recorded the sound of this act and thought of all the hundreds of people who would have played this instrument and the different tunes and memories embeddded within its components. Continue reading “Death of a Piano”