MCR vs NYC youth project

Teenagers of Manchester & New York City Unite!

DSC_0447Summer 2013 and we have teamed up with Rush Philanthropic Youth Arts Centre in Brooklyn, New York City to explore what it is like to be a teenager in Manchester and NYC. We will be looking at language, music, street style, history and culture and creating a digital map of our city that tells the story of what it’s like to be a teenager in Manchester today.

On the project we;

  • Learned about life in Brooklyn and what is important to teens
  • Worked with MC Visceral to create a Manchester poem
  • Created a visual timeline of key historical events and inventions
  • Made an Urban Dictionary and compared the language with slang from NYC
  • Visited Museum of Science & Industry to find out about our industrial heritage
  • Interviewed teenagers around Manchester
  • Screen printed a map that will be sent over to Rush

Project Blog… click below

Screen shot 2013-11-02 at 19.23.21

The young people created a blog to support and document our project, so please click on the link or the image to see what they young people got up to.

Here are a few pictures from the project…
























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