The Big Draw. The Ice book

2012-05-17 05.20.26To accompany the miniature theatre show of ‘The Icebook’ (worlds first projection mapped pop up book and part of the Big Imaginations childrens theatre festival) I ran a Big Draw workshop for audience members who had watched the show. The show itself is a magical experience using paper, light and projections. I wanted to reflect the aesthetics of the show and run a fun and engaging workshop for adults and children alike.

The workshop

In the session we created our own miniature ice books using layers of tracing paper to build up a sequence of hand drawn images that were visible through each turn of the page. On completion the layers were stitched together with silver thread and either taken home (most people did this) or suspended on a coat hanger installation in our Cafe space.

2012-05-19 04.06.21I encouraged the use of a variety of different drawing tools including charcoal, pens and felt tips, and this coupled with the variety if papers meant that the ice books were highly individual and each took on its own distinct character

With the drawings themselves, we wanted them to reflect on the themes of the play (fantasy, princesses, discovery and scary woods). Participants could draw what ever they liked in their icebooks or choose from templates or prompt questions and activities. We encouraged memory drawing (always a brilliant and surprising exercise) through asking people to draw what they remembered from the show, or how you may change the ending. The templates and prompt layers also served as visual evaluation material for the show by asking people to draw their face after the show or draw/write 3 words or feelings about the show. 2012-05-19 03.39.37

The responses turned out to be quite abstract and it was so interesting to see peoples reflections, Over the course of the day (there were 8 showings of the play) the installation grew and grew. The children particularly like organising the layers of their books, organising their reflections and images into the ‘right’ order. Stitching the books on the sewing machine and hanging them up added a little bit of drama for them. it was a really fun and relaxing day and we had some great discussions round the tables too! Here are some images from the workshops…

2012-05-19 06.10.05


2012-05-19 04.10.16

2012-05-19 04.21.01

2012-05-19 04.29.47

2012-05-19 03.27.20

2012-05-25 05.08.34

2012-05-25 05.07.49

2012-05-25 05.07.33

2012-05-25 05.06.36

2012-05-19 04.06.39

To find out more about The Ice Book show, visit the Ice Book website.

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