Artefacts of Clay and Information

Artefacts of clay and information explores the limits of our material perception. Questioning the things we see, hear and believe through tuning in to unseen forces just beyond the threshold of our reality. Traversing the borderline between the geologically real and the electrical imaginary, these artefacts of clay and information help us to explore this moment of transference and our place as human transmitters and receivers within the electromagnetic spectrum of existence.

Artefacts of Clay and Information is a collaboration between Vicky Clarke (UK) and Joaquina S (Argentina). This international collaboration is part of AMPLIFY DAI connecting women working in digital and sound arts, we have been developing the piece entirely online throughout the pandemic. This prototype was created for MUTEK Forum 2021, and is a first stage proof of concept. Our collaboration is now in a new phase of development for realising this piece for live audiences, updates coming 2022.

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