PATCH NOTES_ FACTmag performance

FACT magazine invited me to present a live performance of AURA MACHINE for their legendary PATCH NOTES series. Directed by Pedro Kuster and filmed at 180 Studios, The Strand, this special film is the latest AURA MACHINE collaboration with Sean Clarke. This performance represents the final piece in my musique concrete and machine learning residency and experience with NOVARS, University of Manchester. It was wonderful to showcase the visuals we made with Sean on a fantastic LED screen and the film really captures the materiality and mood of the sonic machine learning textures and movements throughout the piece. Huge thank you to Pedro and the whole team at FACT, a huge privilege.

You can watch the entire episode of Patch Notes and read the full article on

What happens to the sound object when processed by a neural network? The AURA MACHINE piece takes the listener on a journey through training a neural network, starting with the concrete training data – through to transmutation and training the model and ends with the purely generated AI output.

Here are some clips from the 20 min set.

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