SLEEPSTATES is the debut release by SONAMB, the new music project from Manchester sound artist Vicky Clarke, scheduled for release November 18th 2022. Exploring machine addiction, broken radio transmissions and algorithmic sleep territories, the record takes the listener through a cycle of dream transmissions from the electrical imaginary; the techno – emotional states of slumber we experience between humans and machines late at night.  

SLEEPSTATES album artwork

Created over the past three years via networked locations, sonic states combine transmission recordings between Manchester, Berlin and St Petersburg and lockdown internet noise experiments, bringing together her processes of sound creation with DIY electronics, sound sculpture, musique concrete and machine learning. The record explores the sonic materiality of our technologies, the sanctity of sleep and ideas of autonomy and control as we meld into our machines, blurring conscious boundaries of our waking and networked selves.

The release will be accompanied by SLEEPSTATES.NET, a net-art piece featuring music from the record. 

All tracks are written, produced and mixed by SONAMB, except track 7, mixed by Francine Perry and tracks 2 & 9, co-mixed by SONAMB and Francine Perry. SLEEPSTATES is mastered by Katie Tavini, Weird Jungle.

The album is self-released on Control Data Records, and is available on tape cassette and digital download direct from Bandcamp, pre-order now!

View Press Release here

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